The cyber security experts of tomorrow

The mission of the Cyber Security Academy is to produce the experts of tomorrow by offering specialized cyber security education.

The Cyber Security Academy will not only educate the students in theory but also provide them in practical training in the Cyber Games Lab.


Furthermore the Cyber Security Academy will ensure a cultural exchange with an obligatory internship between the host country and Austria, which also will provide the students with a practical experience and ensure a smooth transition to the labour market.


The Cyber Security Academy welcomes both fulltime students who are aiming at an education in cyber security, and part-time students from the private and public sector who needs one or more courses to advance their expertise in cyber security.


After a successful completion of the Cyber Security Academy, Desoma will keep the graduates in a talent pool to ensure the sustainability and that every graduate will be employed at a domestic company.

The focus of the Cyber Security Academy


  • Work ethics 
  • Cultural bridging 
  • Cultural exchange 
  • Internship between the host country and Austria 
  • Training of theoretical skills and practical exercises in the Cyber Games Lab 
  • New business opportunities through the Cyber Security Academy and expansion to new markets
  • Attraction of companies to settle in the host country 
  • International accreditation, recognition and certificates 


Desoma has the skills, the experts and a complete plug and play program to install the Cyber Security Academy wherever it is needed. 

Our success

Our success is anchored in years of building and supporting an ecosystem where the capacity, competencies and infrastructure of universities, business academies and think-thanks has led to a continuous development of our products and services.