Whom do you trust?

Would you want to live in a house for which a stranger also has a key?

Imagine this house is the Internet – we are living in it every day.

We send emails; operate household appliances and audio-visual systems via our mobile devices;
share sensitive personal or business information over messenger apps; store important data in the cloud; freely convey our location through a range of applications on our phones; and much more.

The constant use of new technologies, especially the Internet, has not just made the world a much faster place, it has also made us much more vulnerable because of our ignorance: We simply choose to ignore threats because it is convenient to do so. As long as we are not personally affected. By transferring more and more aspects of our lives to the virtual world, our attack surface increases substantially and it becomes much more difficult to even keep track of all our data and data flows.

In this new and continuously evolving environment, knowledge is king. Without a comprehensive awareness of and insight into all our data, data flows, networks and systems, and without security experts always staying abreast of the latest security, IT, business, geopolitical and technological trends, comprehensive security has become an elusive goal.

Desoma’s analytical intelligence system Daisy is the answer.

Desoma – We are IP

The human face of security

Desoma develops solutions in the field of IP data and IP meta data that enable you to gain comprehensive awareness of your data and systems, and help you to keep all the digital assets on which your brands are built and your success depends safe. These assets can no longer be secured only by physical security. They also need to be protected in the cyber environment, as all of today’s ‘blueprints’ or ‘research data’ are stored digitally. It is therefore Desoma’s main aim to protect your digital assets and secure your information – the sources of your success.

As a company specialized in the sensitive business segment of real time data analytics working for many years with large corporations, utility companies and governmental entities, you can be assured of our discretion; our longstanding expertise is not just reflected in our innovative and patented technology solutions, but also in the importance we place on continuous research & development, select partnerships with leading Universities and our extended network of cross-disciplinary experts from the world of IT and cyber security, machine learning and data science, robotics as well as business, law and geopolitical/geo-economic risk. We pride ourselves on engaging the brightest minds in a continuous dialogue on the future challenges facing organizations and individuals in a rapidly changing world. We strive to remain at the forefront of these changes, which will determine what products, capabilities and consultancy expertise best serve our customers and partners long-term interests.

Desoma was founded

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Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

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We build relationships that last

All of our solutions and services are highly customized and tailored to your specific needs, so that we can protect you in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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Solution Design

At Desoma, we build partnerships, not clientele, and are here to guide you with our experience and accompany you as a trusted advisor on the journey of securing your digital assets in an ever-evolving cyber space. Due to our long experience in real time IP traffic and big data forensics, we are able to understand our customers and partners concerns and needs, and provide valuable support on how to address them in the best possible way. 


To make sure that our partners are fully satisfied with the support delivered, Desoma will report on pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on a regular basis. These KPI’s are automatically monitored and collected by Desoma’s Help Desk system.

Desoma is ISO certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015 (in preparation) and ISO 27001 (in preparation).

Review & Analysis

To make sure that our customers and partners will get the best benefit from our products we will provide them with comprehensive feedback based on discussions and lessons learned from the operations of multiple systems worldwide.

Customer Needs

Desoma accompanies you on every step of the way.

Our knowledge is based on long experience, not on theory alone. We provide practical and effective solutions, not empty promises.

Based on numerous real-life use cases across many sectors and in the most challenging environments, our consultancy services don’t simply rehash theoretical concepts. We devise practicable solutions based on a clear understanding of your exact project requirements and of what it takes to implement successful measures against cyber threats.


The only way to address a problem effectively is to understand all its angles and its context, and this is only possible by working together hand in hand with our customers and partners. Over the years, we have developed and honed a highly effective yet flexible methodology for engaging with our customers and partners and understanding their organizations, human and technological resources as well as their specific requirements in depth. We listen and we learn in order to be able to provide the most tailored solution to the challenges that you or your organizations face.

Customized Daisy

The specific requirements of every project are as unique as our customers and partners. This is why the Desoma team is by your side on every step of the way, placing at your service our extensive knowledge and years of experience. We provide you with expert advice, take care of the installation of the tailored solution on site, conduct test runs, offer employee training, are on hand for any troubleshooting, and so much more.


All of our project services are designed to ensure the smooth planning, engineering and implementation of our tailored Daisy solution in close co-operation with you and your teams.


A Desoma project manager will accompany the project throughout the entire project lifecycle, act as the interface between you and Desoma, and closely coordinate each step with your organization’s representative.

Training & Certification

Knowledge is everything.

Desoma offers a broad spectrum of training, seminars and certifications. Training modules are customized and can be tailored to the exact requirements and demands of partners and trainees. We can provide instructor-led training, with hands-on workshops and information sessions relating to each aspect of our products as well as online training certification.

The effective knowledge transfer from Desoma to the end-user is the foundation of each training phase. Tailored to a specific role or job function, Desoma’s training is designed to enable end-users and partners to understand, operate, configure, install and maintain the solution.


Our team will support you with the technical integration of our solution into your own infrastructure as well support you when integrating with your external interfaces.

Operations Support

You can rely on us.

For Desoma the project is not finished when our Daisy solution has been integrated at your premises and handed over to your teams.

At Desoma, we believe that during the Operational Phase we can help you find the right customized solutions for new scenarios and thereby optimize the system continuously.