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Daisy, which stands for Desoma Analytical Intelligence System, is a patented technology that is used for real-time big data/mass data extraction and data forensics.

Daisy’s unique features are:


The Daisy architecture is designed to comfortably handle the
high-availability, high-volume traffic requirements of large enterprises
and governments.

Daisy is linearly scalable.

Daisy complies with forensic data processing standards.

Daisy is modular – the hardware is vendor independent and uses
no additional licensed software.

Daisy allows for easy customization with its Software Development Kit 
(SDK) toolset.

Daisy was designed in 2010 to be independent of protocol decoding or
synchronous traffic. This special architecture design makes Daisy truly 
unique in the market.

The Daisy source code has been 100% developed by Desoma and Daisy’s
Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are also 100% owned
by Desoma. 

Good reasons for Daisy

Daisy evolves with your cyber security environment and requirements.

Daisy is simple to use and simple to integrate.

Daisy’s technology can be adapted to every IP use case imaginable.

Daisy’s algorithm can be used for real-time data network forensics.

Daisy’s architecture is designed for big data handling.

Daisy consists of different key modules. A modular approach ensures that we are able to provide the most tailored fit for your business, and the in-built API allows us to integrate with complementary solutions, if needed. 

Daisy can be implemented as a complete solution, or on a modular basis. The Daisy Core is the only module that must be implemented in order to allow the other modules to operate.

At Desoma, we believe that the Daisy software components enable you, our customers and partners, to meet today’s and tomorrow’s cyber security network challenges, worldwide and in real-time.