Make IT networks transparent and easy to understand for everyone

Through years of experience with our patented Governmental Software, we know exactly what we are doing. We're expanding into new areas now. And our main goal is to make your company a safer place!

Demon, which stands for Desoma Monitoring, is a technology that is used for real-time network analysis.
It is enhancing cyber security by giving an in depth view to all network data.

Demon’s unique features are:

Demon passively plugs into organisations’ networks to provide in-depth
visibility of the activities across the whole organisation,
with real time Metadata extraction up to Layer 7

Demon is architected to be highly available and scalable
via an optimised technology stack

Demon uses state of the art Deep Learning algorithms to
accurately identify anomalous activities

The Demon frontend is a highly visual interface to assist in manual or automated threat hunting, device discovery, traffic trends and customized filtering

Demon provides a complete feature set to support the end-to-end processes of
security teams, including a secured API to integrate with your existing
infrastructure to leverage existing investments

Webhook triggers may be created from platform events and alerts to third party systems, triggering actions in systems such as SIEM, SOAR, Ticketing systems or Firewalls/NAC/EDR etc

The Demon source code as well as the Machine Learning algorithm have
been 100% developed by Desoma and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
are also 100% owned by Desoma.

Good reasons for Demon

Zero-Loss real-time analytics

Port and protocol independent

Special focus on Zero-Day attacks and Trojans

State of the art Deep Learning algorithms

Use of commercial-of-the-shelf hardware (COTS)

No active interference with the transmitted data

Full on prem installations – no customer data is transferred

Government proven & GDPR compliant

At Desoma, we believe that the Demon software components enable you, our customers and partners, to meet today’s and tomorrow’s cyber security network challenges, worldwide and in real-time.